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Kevin Morris was born and raised in Brewster Washington.  While growing up in our community, Kevin was very active in sports, which is where he began to learn the benefits of teamwork, great communication, and hard work.  He graduated from Brewster High School in 1991 and enlisted into the United States Navy.  Kevin served aboard the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga in the Mediterranean, ultimately becoming a supervisor for the flight deck crash and salvage team.  During his service he was awarded the Sea Service Medal and National Defense Medal.  After serving his enlistment, Kevin returned home to attend college.

Kevin started his Law enforcement career in Brewster in 1994 as a Brewster Reserve Police Officer.  He was hired as a full time Brewster Police Officer in 1995 and graduated the Police Academy and received the highest grade average in his class for mock scenes.  Kevin worked very hard to build strong bonds within his community, department, and public safety agencies with whom he worked.  During his tenure with the Brewster Police Department, Kevin was the reserve officer coordinator, defensive tactics instructor, and was one of the department leaders in all aspects of law enforcement.  Kevin also worked in the community as an assistant High School Track and Field coach for the Brewster School District. While at Brewster P.D., Kevin worked very closely with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.  Realizing the amazing opportunities Douglas County offered, Kevin applied to become a Douglas County Deputy Sheriff.

In 2000 Kevin was hired as a Douglas County Deputy Sheriff.  Kevin continued to apply his belief in hard work, teamwork, and great communication both in his professional and personal life.  Kevin earned the respect of his superiors, colleagues, and community with his strong work ethic, professional ability, and sense of justice.  Kevin immersed himself in his family, work and community.  

Kevin and his wife Mindy met in 2000 and married in 2001.  Together, they have raised 5 children. Today 4 of them have graduated high school and their youngest will be a freshman in high school next year.  

At the Sheriff’s Office Kevin became one of the leading deputies for proactive work and criminal investigations.  He was appointed detective to work a particularly complex homicide near Bridgeport.  Kevin’s collateral duties included defensive tactics instructor, field training officer, tactical team member, marine deputy, volunteer coordinator and hostage negotiator.  He was also entrusted with the duty of property room manager. Because of his abilities and hard work Kevin was recognized as Deputy of the year in 2004.  During this time Kevin was elected by his peers to be the Deputy Sheriff’s Guild President. As President, Kevin forged an atmosphere of trust and respect between the labor group and county leaders.  His was the first guild administration to negotiate fair contract without the use of outside lawyers, an accomplishment that saved the county and the guild a substantial amount of money. To this day, the Deputy Sheriff’s Guild and the county enjoy a relationship which is productive and allows the focus to remain on what is truly important-public safety.

In the community, Kevin volunteered as a baseball and basketball coach with the youth groups.  Kevin also helped with Bridgeport’s high school track and field program and was the assistant high school basketball coach for numerous years ultimately becoming the head coach.  Kevin was elected to Bridgeport City Council where he served two full terms until his professional advancements required him to step away. Kevin was also elected, by the members, to be the President of the Lake Woods golf course.  During this time, Kevin pursued his educational goals and earned his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.

In 2007 Kevin was promoted to Sergeant.  He supervised 5 Deputy Sheriffs and worked tirelessly to build positive relationships between law enforcement, the community, and other first responders.  As the Sergeant, Kevin helped establish the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard and was named the first commander.  Also, during his time as Sergeant, Kevin he was appointed supervisor of the tactical team and Hostage Negotiator.

In 2014 Kevin was appointed as the Undersheriff (second in command), where he currently serves.  As the Undersheriff Kevin oversees the Administration Division. Kevin manages the budget, assets, grant preparation, contracts and the emergency management program.

Kevin values professional development.  He has earned his state certification in supervision, middle management, and executive leadership.  In 2017 he completed the Washington State Training Commission’s Command College training.

Kevin has dedicated his life to service and duty.  He has embraced the county and the role of the Sheriff’s Office in improving the quality of life for its citizens through public safety.  He is well versed in the depth and scope of the office of Sheriff, and he is eager to continue his service to the citizens of Douglas County.


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